Laura Gough

Laura Gough is the second daughter of Dr. Gough. She is a 2001 graduate of Jeffersonville High School. She studied for a time at Indiana University Southeast before coming to work full-time at Clarksville Animal Hospital. Being the daughter of a veterinarian gave her a deep love for all animals. She is Dr. Gough’s main surgical assistant.

Laura loves cats. She currently has a female tabby named Orihime aka Himeko. Laura has been nicknamed “the cat whisperer” because she has fostered several feral kittens and successfully socialized them to be loving pets, the first being Himeko. Her recent fosters were named Titan and Lou who went to live with her younger sister, Erin. The other was named Derek who has since been adopted by a client and is living very happily with her.

Laura has many hobbies. She loves to write and has for over 10 years. She enjoys studying Japanese and dreams of visiting Tokyo someday. Laura also loves to travel and makes an annual trip to California every May to visit her best friend.

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